Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thank you for loving me

The two of you are a true delight. I'm so happy that you came to live with us. The joy you have brought so far, overwhelms the damage both of you have caused around the house. It doesn't matter that you ruined the couch or ate my glasses (twice).. since the love you bring me, is priceless. Of course I'd rather have you not damage anything, that's pretty obvious. Your separation anxiety takes over some times and that's when you go nuts.

Yesterday, hubby put up another fence in the backyard. Inthe has found some opening in the back of the garden, where she likes to escape at night. We can hear her bark but we can't see where she is, since there's no light out there. We can't take the risk of her running away, so hubby went to the DIY shop to get some wired fence and wooden poles and he did a great job! The dogs are safe again!

My favorite spot on the couch, is the chaise longue. I like to stretch my legs and lean back with a blanket in my lap. Little Inthe likes to lock my legs by sitting on them, so I can't get anywhere. Is that her way to express that she doesn't want me to go out again? Maybe.. Rebba snuggles in as close as possible - and that's much closer than one can imagine. If she could, she would just be absorbed by my body.

Their love is eternal. Even if I scold them for not behaving well, they try to make up right away, licking my face and putting their legs on my shoulders to ask for a hug. How could one not love them..

photo taken by Lana Joos

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