Monday, March 14, 2011

My dear old friend

This week, in the middle of the night, I got an email from a lady I didn't recall right away. She wrote me, to let me know she and her daughter had been trying to locate me for some time now. Of course I was curious about this lady and her daughter, so I mailed her back. I got the chills reading her second mail..

Almost 30 years ago, I met a wonderful family of three. The little girl in the family was my playmate. We liked to spend time together and I loved to go over to their place. Her parents were so gentle and kind and loving people. I don't remember them raising their voice once. They loved me and welcomed me into their home like I were a child of their own and they made sure I had a great time while being with them.

For some reason, we lost track of one another. I'm so happy they traced me! My friend is married now and she has a beautiful 17 yo daughter.. Her younger brother - I don't believe I ever met him, but I do remember his birth somehow - is married too and they have a baby girl. Their parents are still a great couple and it will be heart warming to embrace them. Thank you for trying to locate me.. xx
I hope we'll meet again somewhere soon. We have so much to talk about.. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of me and my friend at the time..

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