Monday, April 25, 2011

Here comes the sun

Don't you just love those sunny days? They sure cheer me up! People tend to be more pleasant if the sun's out and I don't blame them. I love to wake up with sunbeams peeking through the blinds. The game of light playing on the bedding is a game I like to watch. I enjoy the early twitter of the birds outside our window (I don't consider jackdaws birds - I hate jackdaws for they poo on my car). It makes me think of Portland, Oregon, where Blue Jays would sing their song to me early in the morning.

This summer, we'll have a whole lot of sunshine when we will go to Florida as a family. We are really looking forward to that vacation. This time, nobody will be home to take care of the pets, so they'll go to their respective dog and cat moms. Our neighbors would be happy to look after them, but we don't want to bother them. We know how big the responsibility is, to look after someone else's pets. They'll do just fine in pet daycare.

I already got myself a new swimsuit. The girls might need new bikinis too I guess. After all, we won't need much more than swimwear, shorts, shirts and sandals in Florida. Four more months to go.. we're getting there..

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