Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A picture perfect family

Last night, we took the girls out to dinner. Since Easter break has come to an end, we wanted to treat them to a nice supper. It took us some time to find a nice place to go to, since many restaurants are closed on Mondays in this area, but we finally came up with a restaurant that was even pretty nearby our house.

The weather was still good enough to sit outside on the deck. Our shoulders showed a bit of a sunburn, but that's part of the time of the year. We decided we were going to have asparagus and smoked salmon as an appetizer and chateaubriand as the main course. Dessert was lovely as well: mango and raspberry ice cream packed in a basket of dark chocolate. It was getting a little chilly by the time we got our desserts, but we were prepared and put on our jackets and little vests.

It was fun to go out together. It had been a while and all four enjoyed dinner and a pleasant evening. We do believe our kids deserved a nice ending of their vacation, since they did well in school and they helped out at home. Thanks hubby, for treating us!

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