Monday, April 11, 2011

It takes two

Photo taken by Lana Joos

Need I say more?

The children are home for Easter break. I'm glad to have them around and do fun stuff together. They are loving and caring and I feel blessed for being their mom. The calendar is overloaded, since the girls want to meet up with friends as well as hang out with us and their family. Grandma can't wait to welcome them for sleepovers and they are looking forward to spending some time with their grandparents, nieces and nephews.

The older the girls get, the better they get along. It's heart warming to hear them laugh their hearts out and enjoy a good time. I like the time they spend in the bathroom together, exchanging tips about beauty and hygiene. How they compliment each other with their new outfits and their hair styles. It's great to have two daughters. They bring us so much joy!


Upje said...

Ik vind precies dat ze ook uiterlijk meer en meer op elkaar gaan lijken!

Bittersweet said...

Dat vind ik ook zie!