Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mystery solved?

Most of you readers are familiar with Facebook, aren't you? It's a good way to find old friends and to keep up with friends and family that don't live that nearby. Every now and then though, strangers try to contact you. You have never heard of them but still they want to be your friend? I find that very weird and it rarely happens that I let them in. I mean, after all, I do know my friends and if you're not one of them or if I'm not ready to get to know you, why would I add you to my list of friends? I don't get that.. I see people who have 400 Facebook friends, but how many of those do they actually know? 10? 25?

There was this person who tried to contact me. Her profile showed a little white dog. I had no idea who she was (maybe it wasn't even a she but a he??), but she (let's assume it was a she) claimed she knew me. How she knew me, was not something she wanted to share. Hello? Does my forehead read STUPID? So I declined her friendship request. I don't like it when people play games with me.

To my surprise, she contacted my diabetic friends and many of them added her to their friendship list. For the simply reason she told them she knew me? How sick is that? I asked around and nobody who added her actually knew who she was. No more information than that she knew me (which she doesn't). Internet is a terrific way to go around, but it also attracts weird people, that enjoy intruding the life of others...

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