Thursday, April 21, 2011

Loyal as a dog

As soon as you put on your clothes, little Inthe stands right beside you. She just knows - she's trained well - you are going to take both of them for a long walk. She doesn't loose track of you for one second. Rebba is more relaxed. She's more patient and she won't come out of bed until she hears the clinging sound of her ID dog label against the leash. And then they go wild! They jump up and down on the couch, race around the house and wag their tails like crazy!! That is - if the sun is out.. You won't see Rebba jump up and down out of joy on a rainy day. She will hide her head behind the pillows, pretending not to be there. Inthe doesn't mind bad weather, if only she can go out and have fun. But don't you try taking only one dog for a walk! They go mad if you leave one behind!!! They are like BFF, always wanting the other one around.

I love to watch them walk on the leash. One right beside the other, like Siamese twins without actually being attached to each other. They're doing better than a couple of months ago. Inthe used to bark at any dog, cat or person coming by. The dog whisperer was very helpful in that manner. We now tell them in advance we have seen that dog in the distance and they comprehend they no longer have to warn us for upcoming danger. That's a good thing, because I hate it when they bark and jump up when people approach us. We're getting there!

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