Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No-one to turn to

What must it be like, if you have absolutely no-one to turn to? Nobody to talk to or share your life with? To be honest, I have no idea, but it intrigues me. Is the human kind made to live by themselves or were we designed to have partners in life?

Life isn't always easy. Some days are less fun than others. It is good to come home and have someone to talk to. It's good to have a partner who's interested in what you do. Someone who's excited about your coming home. Someone to come home to.

Imagine not having anybody at all, like Remi, All alone in the World. How would you cope? Would the solitude drive you nuts or would you welcome the silence with open arms? What about meals? Would you enjoy having dinner all by yourself or do you always look forward to having dinner with your beloved ones? But what if you really don't have anyone? Is that something that you could have prevented or something you should've worked on more? Are we - people - becoming too picky when it comes to finding a partner for life? Or is that lifetime partnership nothing but a utopia?

I know it would ruin me. To live all by myself, I mean, without anyone to talk to. I need my social life. I really do. It fulfills me and it makes me happy and life worthwhile. Because after all: we are so tiny on this planet. We are nothing but dust. We are so fragile and meaningless at the same time. So if you can make your life worth living, why wouldn't you do it? It's so wonderful to live and be. It's a joy to help others and support them. To matter to someone else. That's what makes life good. It is what makes the world go around..

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