Saturday, April 16, 2011

Talk to me

Photo by Lana Joos

If only you could speak.. what would you say? I often wonder what you're thinking. Is it so, that animals don't have a mind of their own? Or are they brighter than we could possibly imagine? I honestly believe that you understand a lot of what we say. There's definitely a sixth sense present in you, dogs. Sometimes, you give me that sad puppy look that we just can't resist. You know when your bowl will be filled with food or when it's time to get your leash to go for a walk. When the clock ticks away and the leash is still dangling on the hook, that's when you give me that sad puppy look. You stare at me and if you could sob, you would.. 

You have a body language of your own. Your ears are pointed and your posture still like a statue, when you hear a noise you don't like. When you are all excited, your ears are all over your face and the tail that is mainly hidden between your hind legs, finds its way out to wag and whip my legs. Sometimes, you post your front legs on my shoulders to give me a hug or maybe you just ask to be cuddled?

Sometimes, it's good to be silent like a dog. To think, without speaking. To listen, without judging. To be quiet when others are talking. Sometimes, I wish I could be a little more like you. Just every now and then..

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