Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ugly Betty

That's what you told me when you looked in the mirror at the orthodontist's office yesterday. She gave you your braces and you had a hard time to open and close your mouth. Nevertheless you found it very amusing.. I know that amusement won't last.. The blisters in your mouth you will definitely have by the end of the week, will make you wonder why you wanted those braces so badly!

I guess it's part of growing up. Lately, you have paid so much attention to appearance. You take a shower twice a day, wash and condition your golden locks and you even made an appointment at the hairdresser for a totally new look. I'm impressed. Do I smell hormones? Are you in love, kiddo?

You couldn't wait to go to school to show off the new hairdo and the braces. In our days, nobody even WANTED braces, now it's hot to have them. I hope you will brush your teeth well and maintain that iron device with respect, because you do not want to know the cost..

You don't look like Ugly Betty at all, sweetie, trust me. You're pretty!

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