Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Every time we meet up, we have discussions about fear. I don't know what caused this emotion in your life, but you have so many fears, it keeps you from living. Different stories, different situations, but it all comes down to this one emotion: fear..

You must feel captured by this intense sensation. It's bothering both you and your beloved ones. Now you have your precious little baby, your fear has only expanded. You are so scared something would happen to him, that you dare not leave him unsupervised for 5 minutes. It must be so nerve wrecking and tiresome to be available 24/7 and not find peace nor relaxation. Fear keeps you from enjoying the good things in life. It prohibits you from living your life to the fullest. The only real prison in life, is fear. And the only real freedom in life, is freedom from fear. I wish you would be able to go back in time to find out what caused this immense fear. Sometimes the two of us make it a game. We try to find out whether the fear is realistic or fiction. And most of the times, you will agree that the fear is not relevant at all and not necessary. But we still haven't found a way to make you let go of the anxiety. It makes you nervous to let go and no longer be in control. But at the same time, it narrows your world..

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