Friday, May 6, 2011

Different choices, different destination

This is it. It's been decision time. It took you some time to make up your mind about the upcoming school year. Your heart goes out to your favorite school in Bruges, where you have all of your friends and where the teachers still know all of their students. You wear your school uniform with pride and you are happy with the way things go around in school.

It is a shame though, that there aren't many options for the students once they turn 14. Either you choose Economics or Science. Or you frequent some other school that has other options as well. Humanities is what you would like to do, and with pain in your heart, you will have to say your goodbyes.. I'm so sorry for you, sweetie. I know how much you liked to be in boarding school and a student of this wonderful city, Bruges. But you'll do just fine in your new school. It isn't that new to you, since your sister has been in this school for 4 years now. And it's a good school too, you know? It's a whole lot bigger, that's true. You can't compare 3.000 students to a handful of 350, can you? And no, there won't be any friends at night to spend time with and to help out with homework. It'll be a big change for you and for us as well. But we'll manage, we will. You made the right choice to go to Bruges two years ago and you made the right choice again this time, to go to Eeklo. I'm sure you will love this school as well and Humanities will be interesting. After all, at the age of 14, you're still eager to learn.

Two more months and your time in Bruges will be over. We'll miss your school and the surroundings. We'll go back to shop every now and then, to relive the joy we once had. It's time to move on. It's life.

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