Saturday, May 7, 2011

Goodbye is the saddest word

It's the C-word again. I hate the word, I hate the disease. How many more victims will C make? You were too young, just 60. On the day you and your wife had been married for 25 years, you sighed for the last time. You had gone into a coma the previous night and we all knew you weren't going to get any better. But still, we were not prepared to let go. How could one be?

You and your wife made a very good couple. Joy and laughter was your way of life. Having a glass of good wine with your spouse over a nice conversation, made you happy. She will miss you so much..

You have two beautiful, young independent daughters. You loved them so deeply and you raised them well. Even though you were not the biological father of your oldest daughter, you never treated her any different from the youngest one. Because that's the person you were: reliable, joyful, pleasant to be with, responsible and best of all: loving.. And that's how we will remember you.

You go to sleep now, forever. This morning, all your friends and family will be there with you, in church. Till we meet again, because goodbye is the saddest word.

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