Sunday, May 22, 2011

Et maintenant, que vais je faire?

Yesterday was the day where we had to say goodbye for the last time. You're the first member of our diabetesforum that has left us for the other world. It's kinda weird to know that. You joined us right at the beginning. I remember how we got acquainted. We started to type long conversations late at night. You told me that you were diagnosed with C and that the doctors had given you only 3 months. But you were courageous and prepared to fight this battle. That's what you did for the upcoming 3 years.

Not too long after that first conversation, you started to talk about your beautiful family. Your wife, who was always by your side. About the long hours you and your wife had worked, to make sure you would have a good future and a nice house to live in. About the son and daughter you had raised. The foster children from Ireland who were so precious to you, that you gave them the chance to spend their summer holidays at your place. All your life you were there for other people. You are the least selfish person I have ever met. Always there for others, caring over them while you stood at the sideline. That didn't go unnoticed.. you have left many good friends behind, who will miss you terribly. There are quite some people who never met you in person, but their world was turned upside down when they found out about your passing away..

Your grandchildren were lucky to have you as their grandpa. They loved you deeply, those 4 little ones. The pride in your voice when you told stories about the times you spent with them. You helped your wife in the care for those precious wonders. They will miss you.. It was heartwarming how the oldest boys, Devlin and Kyaro came to the coffin to hand their drawings to their "pappie".

Cobra and Zora were your best mates. Long walks and a lot of playtime with the dogs was your favorite hobby. How sad you were, went Zora became sick and passed away. You were inconsolable.. The loss over Zora was too much. And then - out of the blue - you ended up with a wonderful pup: Joker. He looked a little like Zora and when Joker's people parent was struck by the C word as well, you and your wife adopted Joker. He couldn't replace Zora, but he brought you joy and laughter. Although Joker was full of mischief, he sure made you laugh and live again. Do you remember how he gobbled up your favorite straw hat? The grin on your face was golden.
Cobra was as sad over Zora's loss as you were. He felt miserable and was depressed for quite some time. It won't surprise anyone that only 3 days after your passing away, your wonderful dog decided to join you on your journey to the other world. It's a comfort to me you didn't have to undergo this journey all by yourself. You and Cobra will find your way to Zora. Cobra will lead you.

The service at the crematorium was very personal and serene. We were honored to be invited. It was nice that we were given the opportunity to come and say our goodbyes. As soon as they played Et maintenant by Gilbert Bécaud, the tears ran down my cheeks, because it reminded me of the numerous times we talked about your love for the French chansons. Ann Christy sang The Rose and the silence in the theater was too much..
Ave Maria was the moment where I realized it was time to let go of you..

No more pain, no more sorrow over the family you had to leave behind. Take care now, buddy, take care. Have a safe journey. I'd like to dedicate this song by Dalida to you.


kreeftje said...

Prachtig geschreven Bittersweet, het vertaalt zich bijna hetzelfde toen ik daar naast jou zat en steun zocht.

Bij mij was De Roos het moment dat ik wist dat we onze vriend los moeten laten.

Maar we zullen nog vaak over hem praten, en lachen met zijn fratsen en gelukkig zijn in zijn plaats.subagnsu

Bittersweet said...

Dat is zeker.

veronique said...

Wat is dit heftig.
Sterkte aan iedereen die dit verlies beleeft

Bittersweet said...

Het is heel heftig Véronique. Deze man heeft bij veel mensen een gevoelige snaar geraakt. Zijn diabetesvrienden zijn toch echt wel overstuur door zijn heengaan.