Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In honor of your memory

You were a wonderful person. So many people looked up to you and the courage that came with you. The C word did it again.. We know you were running out of time, but we had no idea it was going to be this soon. Last time we visited you, you were so enthusiastic about a scooter you had bought. It would take you everywhere! That was so exciting for you, because C had weakened your body and you were no longer able to walk by yourself.

I saw the weightloss, I saw how skinny your nose had become. You reminded me of a fragile, little bird. But even so I still saw the person you were: courageous, courteous, loving, caring, interested in the people around you. It was a comfort to me that your brain was not affected by this awful disease. You know what was so typical you? That you never complained... Pain was never out of your life since the diagnose, but you were very good at hiding it. It was of no use to you, to tell others how much pain you had. What a role model..

We'll miss you, buddy. Take care. Send us a signal from where you are. I hope your dog Zohra will have waited for you up there. You take long walks with him now, okay? We'll have a private talk every now and then. You were always interested in hearing the latest news on diabetes treatment. We'll keep you informed.. We'll give your lovely family a warm hug every now and then xx See you on Saturday..


kreeftje said...

Dit is een prachtige tekst Cathy, je hebt het juist neergeschreven

Bittersweet said...

bedankt Kreeftje