Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eye for an eye until the whole world goes blind

She didn't want to marry him.. That's the only "crime" she pled guilty to, but it was enough for Majid Movahedi to loose his pedals and mutilate the woman who rejected him..

Iran, 2004. Majid Movahedi had set his eyes on the young Ameneh Bahramai. At the age of only 20, she had no intention to marry Mr Movahedi, so she waved him aside, on multiple occasions. He had a very hard time accepting that. To him, a woman cannot reject an islamic man. So he decided she had to suffer for hurting his ego.

Without any form of compassion, he mutilated Ms Bahramai by throwing a bucket full of sulfuric acid over her head, leaving her maimed for the rest of her life. She will never be able to see properly again and the pain - both physical and emotional - she has gone through is tremendous.. Spanish doctors tried to help Ms Bahramai to gain back her sight, but the operation didn't give the result they had hoped for. Ms Bahramai underwent 19 surgeries but none could give her back her face..

The Teheran court listened to Ms Bahrami's lifestory and they decided she had the right to disfigure Mr Movahedi the way he disgraced her. Mr Movahedi will be waiting his trial in a Teheran hospital. His victim will dribble 10 drops of sulfuric acid into both his eyes, robbing him of his sight. If she's too soft to do it or if she's opposed to doing it herself, a team of doctors will be beside her, to do the act for her. Mr Movahedi has shown no remorse whatsoever. He still claims he hasn't done anything wrong. He feels he was entitled to do what he did..

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