Sunday, May 1, 2011


Dear vandals,

last Friday night, you (and probably some friends of yours) were wandering around town, looking for things to destroy or steal. I'm sure you had a great time. It's not the first time you guys chose this small town as a target for your stupid mischief. Last month, you broke the windshield of my car and you ruined several other cars.

I'm sure you didn't enjoy the police on your doorstep, because they did track you down. You being minors, there's not much the police can do, unfortunately. I feel for you, that you haven't had the best youth possible and it's no fun for you either, that you don't have other pastimes to keep busy. But have you ever thought about the consequences of ruining other people's belongings? Did you know that my daughter had saved up to buy this beautiful bicycle? How will she go to school now? Why did you steal her bike? I'm pretty sure you won't ride it.. It's not even of any use for you. You probably had a good laugh over it with your friends. Maybe you'll try to sell it for money to get another game for your playstation. Maybe you just ditched it somewhere, after you were done laughing over your useless theft. I really feel for you.. it's sad,  you know. Let me tell you this: you ain't cool.

Just as a reminder: this is the bike you stole from our daughter. And guess what? We drove around town and checked every street and corner possible. And we were delighted to find the bike hidden in the shrubs. Maybe you intended to come pick it up some other day. Bummer! It's ours! Have a fruitful weekend..

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