Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Material girl

I know we have many things and you could call it materialism. Although that's not how it feels, because by far: I'm not a material girl. I prefer giving over receiving. But some things are precious to me: especially pictures we've taken and presents I have been given are taken good care off.

Can you imagine my despair when I found out I lost my beautiful bracelet? I felt like crying, because it was so special to me.. My friends chose this delicate gem for my birthday a number of years ago and I have worn it ever since. I never took it off, not even to shower or work around the house. Last summer, I had to put it aside as a preparation for both my surgeries. It felt so uncomfortable not to wear it. As soon as I returned to my room, I opened my locker to retrieve the bracelet.

And now it's gone.. the lock must have gone bad I assume. It did come off at times. And yes, I should have brought it to the jeweler to fix it. It's too late now. My wrist feels weird without this special gift.. But the bond I feel with my friends, will never be lost. I'll keep the bracelet in mind. It will keep us together..

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