Monday, May 9, 2011

Slow living

Do you recognize the lifestyle of wanting to do as much as possible? The feeling you don't want to miss out? But then again, having the feeling that life is flying by and you're missing out on so much?

I think it's time to step back and cut down on the hectic lifestyle. There are just too many activities going on at the same time. Last week, I was in a conversation with a lady from the union. We were discussing different jobs and careers and the lady of the union asked me if I ever took the time to take care of me. Not someone else, just me. She was not the only person to ask me that question lately. I always thought I had so much me time, but I have come to realize that is not true.. I do spend a lot of time helping others and being of meaning to friends and family. Because that's who I am and that's what I like to do. It fulfills me to be there for other people and motivate them in their life. I always thought that was what gave me energy to go on.

Limits. That's what it's all about. I need to set boundaries. Thank you, my friend, for making me aware, because I keep forgetting about boundaries. I don't know what makes it so hard for me to set them. It's not that I'm afraid to speak up for myself, not by far. It's more of an addiction, I guess. An addiction to help others and be there at all times.

I'm trying to cut back and I have caught up on some sleep already. I'm still very tired and it feels like I could sleep all day and night. Maybe this time I need to give in and catch up with myself. No pressure, no rushing, no nothing.. Just a little bit more slow living..


Upje said...

You can do that, sweetie. And if not, you have friends to remind you of the importance of you-time ;).


Bittersweet said...

I know.. you're one of them. x