Saturday, June 18, 2011

Are we looking in the same direction?

Photo by Lana Joos
It's so important for children that their parents are looking in the same direction. They know from a distance if mom and dad say different things. Raising children is not easy. It takes a lot of love and communication and involvement. Maybe that involvement is the biggest part. If you have no idea what your children's life looks like, then how can you ever bond?

I like to know what my children do and who their friends are. Because it's important to me. Because they matter. They are growing up so fast and their childhood will be over before we realize it. It's always good to know their friends. It says a lot about your children. We can learn from their friendships.

It must be really difficult if the parents have major issues about educating their offspring. If one nose looks in one direction and the other nose faces just the other way, that's where things go wrong. Children need stability and clarity. Structure is important, as is love and being nurtured. If both mom and dad can give their child all the love they deserve - without putting their child on a pedestal - , they will grow up to be responsible young people. Dare to be vulnerable, dare to love your children and don't be afraid to tell them they're being loved..

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