Friday, June 17, 2011

I gave you my heart

I must have lost track of time, since I don't remember how long ago we met. Because time flies by when we're together. There's so much to talk about and I love to discuss with you. You're a wise man and you know a lot about everything. Life experience and a deep joy in life is what's so appealing about you. There's a true friendship between us and I gave you my heart, my friend. I truly value our friendship and I accuse you of doing the same. There's not much we can't talk about and I know how important friendship is to you.

Today is your birthday. Remembering last year's birthday in London, it brings me back in time to indulge those memories. Think about the Indian cabs you rented and our journey through London. That was freaking awesome!

Tonight we will all be together at someone else's party. I'm glad we'll see you, so I can give you your birthday kisses. It will be a wonderful year, since you're working on an extra future for you and you're doing absolutely great. Looking forward to many more outings...!

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