Thursday, June 9, 2011

A little bird told me...

After having spent 2 years in Bruges, you're coming home again. Of course you were home every week-end, but still, you weren't here during the week. We did miss you, sweety pie! It took us some time to adjust after you left for boarding school the first year. But we managed. We did talk to each other on the phone every night and it was good to hear your voice. It made sure we still knew what was going on in your life and you knew what we did at home.

A little bird told me it's time to adjust again. At the end of June, you will graduate from your boarding school. It'll be emotional for you, to say goodbye to your teachers and friends and I'm sure you will be missed. But at the same time, you will be looking forward to going to a different school and get to know different people.

We'll have to work out a new schedule, to get everybody up and going in the morning. Your sister is used to being all by herself before she heads off to school. She's not much of a morning person and she rather spends some quiet alone time when she wakes up.
You have been used to sleeping with a friend in the same room. You don't mind some chatter in the morning and you need some time to get ready. We'll manage sweety pie. We'll work something out.

We'll do some more hugging again. I really missed that while you were away. There's plenty of time to make up. I'm very proud of you, for having done so well in boarding school. After all, you had to grow up a bit faster and take good care of yourself without mom or dad nagging you. Do you remember you told us about the advantages of boarding school when you asked our permission to attend this school? Do you? Responsibility, independence, great school results, bonding with peers, scheduled study time. And it's been all of that and a whole lot more. You got to know yourself better. You're two years older and wiser now. I envy you, for having had the chance to attend a wonderful boarding school. You sure didn't let us down.

Welcome home, sweety pie. Let's have some mommy-daughter time!


Nadine said...

geniet er samen van..... xxx

Bittersweet said...

wees gerust. We gaan donderdag de vakantie inzetten met een mama-dochter-sushi-avondje-uit