Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Everything and more

I love my days out with friends.. Yesterday was great! We had planned a special day in Holland, full of friendship, chit chat, lunch, shopping, sun. Man, how I enjoy those outings. It's a great way to load up your batteries and return home full of fresh energy. But that's not what I did. I had a second date in the evening, with my D-friends. Some new people planned on coming over to the Diabetescafé and that was awesome. It's good to see the group grow and meet new people. The group is so diverse, but that's okay! It makes it so much more interesting. We sure had a good laugh and a great time..

I came home late and I was exhausted but fulfilled. I feel blessed for the friends that I have and the good feeling they bring me. My feet were sore and my throat felt dry, but a good's night rest and a warm heart made it all better.

PS I'm so happy with my new shoes and outfits!

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