Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You're too much

I always look forward to your private messages. You should see the broad smile on my face when I read them. You're too funny! To the point where I think: this is too much. It's so hilarious to read those conversations. We don't need much to understand one another. There are too many interests we share and we are somewhere on the same level, although you are sooooooooooo young compared to me!

You have a wonderful family of your own and you're a very good husband to your wife and a devoted daddy to the three little piglets. Although you don't sleep much, you help out wherever you can in the household and with the kids. Working a fulltime job, you still find the time to entertain your friends on and you have become a well respected member in no time.

I'm glad I got the chance to meet you twice so far. I really like your humor and the way you stroll through life. Our bond is something different. Thanks for your friendship!


Anonymous said...

Ik vind hem ook een schatje

Bittersweet said...

zou het iets streekgebonden zijn misschien?

Stijn said...

Subiet doet ge mij blozen :p

Upje said...

Neen. Dat zeker niet. :D

Maar ik ben ook fan ;-).

Bittersweet said...

toon een keer?