Monday, July 25, 2011

Because I'm crazy

Children and dogs can be compared to a certain degree. Especially if it comes to mischief on rainy days. Do you remember how your children behaved when it was rainy outside? Exactly! It was like they had had a humongous sugar boost, leading to overexcitement, hyper behavior and crazy circumstances..

The whippets are just like kids in bad weather.. They can't keep themselves busy. They want to go outside and then again maybe not. Or just for one minute.. or 10 minutes. Racing through the house like madmen, leaving a trail of wet paws on the floor. Throwing themselves on the couch, barking at one another and making foolish movements. They are just hilarious but very exhausting..

But hey.. don't we all suffer on rainy days? We are grumpier than usual and we have no energy. That's why I have my weekly dose of vitamin D. But I'm not sure whether the dogs need vitamins or not. They look pretty normal and healthy and their fur is shiny and silky smooth. I just know they prefer the sun to warm their bones up to the point where their brain starts to cook. That's when they crawl back inside to find a cool spot. They are so lethargic after their sun bath. A totally different situation of what we can observe at this instant..

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