Sunday, July 24, 2011

A culinary masterpiece

I couldn't help it, but this message almost made me burst into tears. That was just too funny.

This friend and I both like to cook and we have the same values when it comes to good food. So we send each other recipes and ideas and we love to discuss food and food magazines. When he sent me this link "a culinary masterpiece", I was thrilled to open it and enjoy the pleasure of an extraordinary recipe. He sure made me laugh..

It is a fun idea to do with kids though. Well, that is small kids. Mine are too big for this kind of fun. They would give me that "are you kidding me?" look and I wouldn't blame them.

So buddy: thanks for making me smile. It worked!


Stijn said...

de "sausage jellyfish"
Kdacht wel dat "culinair hoogstandje" uw aandacht zou trekken :-D

Anonymous said...


Bittersweet said...

ik had het kunnen denken dat jij dat lekker zou vinden..