Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I don't want to do anything

What a great day we had yesterday! The weather forecast promised a good time, so in the afternoon we decided to go to the beach. The whippets were not invited. Too hot for them, so we gave them a special treat, a bowl of fresh water and the shadow of their outer kennel.

Since we live that close to Holland, we always go to their beaches. Only half an hour away, peanuts! We packed the car with beach seats, towels, goodies and drinks, new magazines and books to read. The girls were all set in their teeny bikinis and off we went.

We parked the car in a meadow near Palm Beach. That's the name of the beach we stranded on. As we had expected: it was a beach for people who like to run around naked.. Not our cup of tea. The girls protested so we kept on walking until we found a strip of sand where people were wearing tank tops and swimwear. It didn't take us long to fall down and get settled. Time flew by and I nearly finished my book on World War II. We left the kids by themselves to go for grown up coffee in the Beach House. That Jamaican coffee was really good and very relaxing.

It's great to be home and be able to go do things with the family whenever we feel like it. I'm sure the girls enjoyed their day out as well. Hubby planned on working in the garden, but he was glad he joined us after all.

Later that evening, we sat outside on the deck and we played cards. We had a blast! It had been too long since we last played a board game together. That glass of South African Chardonnay was refreshing, after a warm sunny day..


kreeftje said...

Das genieten hé meisje.
Goed gedaan.

Wij hebben gisteravond ook nog lang buiten gezeten met de dieren...

Stijn said...

wat een leven.... :)