Thursday, July 7, 2011


I know Belgians are not that fond of peanut butter, but I am, together with the Dutch and the Americans. Peanut butter is nutritious and tasty and I use it on a regular basis. As a dip with apple slices or to make a stirfry sauce creamy. Or just on a piece of toast, with or without jelly. My favorite PB is JIF, the creamy type. Over here, it's not that easy to get it. There's one store in Antwerp where I can buy silky JIF. So I stick to the Dutch brand Calvé, that is a lot chunkier and less smooth. But it'll do.

This summer, during our stay in Kissimmee, Florida, I'm sure I'll have my portion of peanut butter. One of the girls is a PB fan too, the other one refuses to try it. She's more of the chocolate spread type, I guess.

Both whippets are huge peanut butter fans. They get to lick out the empty jars. They're plastic, not glass, so they are safe to play with. They drag the jar into their kennel and for some time, you hear no whippets in the house. They are very quiet while they enjoy their special treat.

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