Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nighttime lows

Low blood sugars don't bother me too much during the daytime. They get solved rapidly and they don't make me feel too crappy. Nighttime lows though, are not that pleasant. Some are worse than others and some really freak me out. If I experience a 25 mg/dl during the day, I still function and do whatever I need to do. The other night I had a stupid 51 mg/dl, but the symptoms were so different. Sweat drops crawled down my spine, my face was pale and my lips were stinging. I had a hard time to focus and although I keep coke and cookies on my night stand, I decided they weren't good enough so I had to find my way out of the bedroom (that alone was hard enough) and stumble down the stairs. I felt like sh*t although 51 mg/dl is not even that low. I managed to find the right amount of cookies I needed to solve that hypo and started munching on them right away. Just having some juice or coke would've been much more efficient, but at the time, that's not something that crossed my mind. Your mind isn't working real well while experiencing a hypoglycemia. Crawling back upstairs, with my hands full of wrappers and cookies, my eyes had a hard time to focus. Those legs felt like rubber bands and at a certain time, I feared falling down the stairs. At a slow pace I moved on and I took my time to get back to my room. Those cookies tasted like heaven and I could feel life come back into my veins. My heart was still pounding way too fast and that's not normal for 51 mg/dl lows. Strange..

The 124 mg/dl morning reading surprised me though. After that abundance of cookies (I didn't eat the wrappers, but I know I had gobbled way too many carbs...), that is an odd number. I would've expected a reading of at least 250 mg/dl. So maybe that 51 mg/dl was only a sign of a blood sugar that was dropping really fast. Don't mess with me, body of mine. I don't like you!

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