Thursday, July 28, 2011

You look first class!

We drove from Bruges - an unexpected visit to your orthodontist - to Antwerp in no time. We wanted to do some shopping first. Eva needed new jeans and I was thrilled that it didn't take all day to find the pair she had set her eyes on.. We grabbed an Asian lunch in the mall and shopped some more. We had to keep in mind that we're leaving for Florida in two weeks, so we had to make sure we have some money left to spend abroad!

In the afternoon we had a beauty appointment in a wellness center in Antwerp. It was a treat for my little girl.. She deserved this arrangement after a year of studying and working hard in school. She was really excited to get pampered. She first got a foot rub and peeling to help her relax. The facial was her favorite though. Her skin looked so smooth and soft after the massage and oil treatment. Time to wash and blow dry her hair, before someone else took over and gave her a subtile make-up, adapted to her age. I could tell my little girl was happy. And that's all that mattered.. She looked first class!

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