Friday, July 22, 2011

An offer I can't refuse

Although I had already done my preparations for dinner, I was happy with your suggestion to go out to dinner last night. Both girls are in summer camp and it's nice to have some private time together. I put the preparations in the fridge for the next day and chose another outfit: my new polka dot dress. After all, if you're invited to a date, you try to look your best huh?

Hubby must have read my mind, since he suggested we'd go out for mussels. I really like mussels, although I don't want to have them that often. Just once or twice a year. I like my mussels pure. No fuss, no cream or alcohol. Just mussels. I skipped on the French fries and bread as well. Because I really wanted to taste what we came for: luscious seafood. And I truly enjoyed my dinner. It felt good to have a date with my husband, especially because he had taken the initiative. Too bad he had the early shift this morning, so we had to end our evening.. Nine more days at work and then: time for vacation!!!

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