Saturday, July 23, 2011

Slip sliding away

You girls are so funny! Not that rainy days are the best days ever, but little Inthe is crazy about racing around in the pouring rain. So I couldn't deprive them from going outside for a quick walk around the soccer field. Rebba isn't a big fan of cloudy days and rain is a real turn off. But she didn't want to let Inthe go by herself, so she put on her leash too and she came along.

It was hilarious to see Inthe race around the field with a flat soccer ball in her mouth. She went bananas! Rebba was standing under the roof, looking for shelter. But then again, she felt like stretching her legs too. So we encouraged her until she found the guts to get out there and make some wonderful slidings. I should have brought the camera, to make brilliant pictures of the grass flying in the air and the splattering water coming out of the soil.

Racing around in muddy fields leads to taking a bath afterwards. The girls are not very fond of taking a bath, but nevertheless, they undergo it. I spread an old towel in the tub, before I fill it with warm water. It keeps them from slipping away. No slidings in the bath tub, thank you. You do seem to like the shampoo part and me rubbing your dirty bellies. I have to be real fast to dry you off, before you start shaking your body from head to tail. You smell wonderful girls! And your fur is all shiny again!

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