Monday, July 18, 2011

There's no place like home..

but it's great to take a break every now and then.

We're getting ready for our next holiday in Florida. This time, Hubby and the kids will join me. We're really looking forward to this vacation. Hubby has worked real hard all year and he's so longing for some time off. I'm making plans for the 14 days we're going to spend abroad. Booking the trip, arranging a rental car (I picked out a wonderful Chrysler - after all, we're in the States, right?), planning our outings, getting our passports and ESTA forms, making reservations at the pet hotels for the whippets and the cat,.. There's still so much to do!

This time, our stay in Florida will be a little bit different from the stay I had in January of this year. This time will be more of a family vacation instead of a vacation with grown up friends. We won't go out three times a day to grab food. I'm sure we'll do breakfast in the apartment, a light lunch on the road and a home cooked dinner at night. We'll definitely go out for breakfast once or twice during our stay, no doubt about that. But I'm sure the girls will enjoy breakfast on the deck a lot more.

We'll do a lot of shopping in the several malls in the Kissimmee area. There's a lot to see in the neighborhood as well. A trip to Cape Canaveral to please dad, combined with a visit to Cocoa Beach to make the girls happy. One of the girls wants to go to Disney, the other one only wants to visit Universal Studios, so we'll have to make up our minds somehow. We'll pay Old Town another visit, because I do want my family to experience the atmosphere of that special Saturday Night amongst cars from the fifties and their owners.

I'm looking forward to sitting by the pool and enjoy the view over the lake. There's no place like home... and Kissimmee is starting to feel like a second home..

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