Thursday, August 25, 2011


Both whippets are so fond of dessert - which they are not allowed to have. We try to stick to their diet of wet dog food and rice in the morning and regular dog food at night. In between they get one snack. That is, a dried piece of chicken, a bone to chew on, dog biscuits, or any other kind of dog treat. Is it because of their curiosity that they are completely hypnotized when we eat dessert? They sit in front of us, their eyes wide open and focussed on one point: the treat.. That may be chocolate mousse, yogurt, pudding or even a baked apple stuffed with brown sugar and hazelnuts. They almost start to drool in their fixation. As soon as we have finished our dessert, we can hear a sigh from both whippets. The look in their eyes is sad. We have to be real strict with them: no treats that are meant for humans. Sorry girls, it's in your best interest.

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