Saturday, August 20, 2011

In the old days..

40 at last.. Does that mean that I'm an adult now? Lol.. Does it feel any different from being 39 or 35? Not to me. Time will tell, I guess. It's not something that bothers me, age I mean. I live day by day and I take the days as they come. The only thing we can change is the day of today. So that's my motto for this year.

I like to celebrate my birthday abroad and mostly that's what we do. Not intentionally, but it works out that way pretty often. Thank you all for texting me, calling me, e-mailing me or leaving me a message on my Facebook wall. It was highly appreciated..

Around 4 PM, we took off to Old Town on W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway. Back in the old days, when popcorn, Elvis and petticoats were hot. It's a little town by itself and the atmosphere is brilliant. People wander around, having their cotton candy and wearing cowboy boots and personalized belt buckles. They drive old timers and treat the ladies with respect and dignity. The girls were impressed and so was hubby. 

There were many rides to enjoy, but one in particular drew our attention. It was called the Sling Shot. Two riders take a seat and buckle up real well. You shouldn't wear sunglasses and you need to empty your pockets so you don't loose your wallet. And then the Sling Shot shoots you all the way up in the air: 111 meter high!! You make several somersaults, you hang upside down for a while and you... scream... loud... Eva wanted to give it a shot. I thought she were crazy. But then again, I remember I went bungee jumping in the first week of my au pair year in the US. Okay, I was a bit older than her, but hey: she's a brave girl! She convinced me to join her. Although my blood glucose reading was way higher than I had thought (I hate pizza for that matter), I took the challenge and off we went. It was just freaking awesome!!! What a thrill!!! Lana said her heart was nearly pounding outside her body just from watching us. And she decided to give it a go too. Eva voluntarily proposed to join her although she screamed like crazy. Lana wasn't too sure   and she was still in doubt when the thing went off and threw them up in the air.. Good grief.. I could feel the sweat in Hubby's hands.. For no money in the world would he strap himself into that Sling Shot.. 

The weather was good enough (29°C isn't bad for a summer's night huh?) to stay for the old timer's ride through   Old Town. It was splendid! It's just something you have to do while you spend time in Kissimmee. Even if you don't take much interest in cars - like me - it is a lot of fun to watch the parade. 

It was a wonderful day.. Thank you Hubby and girls, thank you my friends, for making my 40th birthday a memorable day!

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