Sunday, August 21, 2011

The lady with the sign

When we were here in January, I saw her for the first time. I believe she's somewhere in her midst 40's. Just the average woman, she could be your next door neighbor. But the job she does, is a little different. Every day, we see her outside, on Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, holding up a sign. Her job is to attract the attention of the passing drivers. If you're interested in buying cheap Disney tickets: she'll tell you to stop right there... You can even pull over to sell your unused Disney tickets - I have no idea why people would have unused tickets?

She's there in the morning, she's still there at night. She's standing there, holding a huge billboard, twirling it around like it doesn't weigh anything. It looks pretty heavy to me though.. Especially if you have to do this all day, in the sun. Respect.. honestly.. I know I wouldn't do it.

I have had the intention to pull over to talk to her. To show her my respect. To ask her why she has chosen this job. I wonder.. She seems pretty fit to me. I can't imagine someone would call this a dream job? There are several other people out there, but this lady has been holding on to this job. Wow..

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