Wednesday, September 28, 2011

For donkey's years

It seems like ages ago that I left for the US to live an au pair's life. At the same time: it seems like yesterday..
It was one of the best years of my life and I'm so happy I persisted in going. It was a risk, since you don't know the host family you're going to stay with. You do get a portfolio with pictures and a description of their family life, but at the time there was no phone or mail contact. So you need to straighten your back, look forward and jump in the deep. It was a very good decision of mine to go and experience a whole different way of life.

When you told me you wanted to go to school in Italy, my heart melted. Memories, nostalgia, call it whatever you want, but I could sense your excitement and your expectations of this unique chance. I told you to go for it and have the time of your life. We didn't think you would leave that soon. After you got your report card on Thursday, you only had the weekend left to pack your things and get organized. Your parents drove you all the way to Trieste, Italy, to help you find boarding. You were probably as nervous as excited, but hey: who wouldn't be? After all, you have always lived in your parent's house and this is your first time away from home. All by yourself, cooking your own meals, you will roam around the streets of Trieste and go to Italian colleges. I envy you, cupcake. I wish I were 20 again.. 

You keep in touch and it's good to read you every now and then. I have seen the pictures of your new environment and they make my mind drift off..

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