Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's official now..

I'm so happy for the two of you! You really belong with one another and I presume you'll have a bright future together.

You had a place of your own and so did your girlfriend. But it was a good decision to find a new place, so you could start all over. A fresh start, your new life with your new partner. It's better this way. You needed a house as close to work as possible. It took you some time to find the most fitted house, but once you had set your eyes on it, the decision was made. Your girlfriend was as happy:
a nice spacious house, a wonderful garden for the little one to play in, three bedrooms and an efficient kitchen. We live only 4 kilometres apart now.

You're nearly done moving things and you'll get used to this new lifestyle pretty soon. It's official now: the three of you can start your life together.. We wish you all the best!

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Stijn said...

ze gaan dat wel goed doen in hun nieuwe eigen plekje. Allebei een beetje hun vertrouwde plekje achterlaten om een nieuwe toekomst te starten