Thursday, September 8, 2011

Got any plans for the night?

I have to stop. My agenda has to be blocked for the rest of the month. Too many appointments, too many outings. It's not that I don't enjoy those dates, but it means I'm away from home too often. I had not expected September to be that busy. There are some things I need to do around the house, so I might have to do some chores late at night.

Today I have another lunch date with my friend, who is leaving the country this month. She and her partner need some more sun they can't find in Belgium. I don't blame them. We do need the vitamins the sun brings us. In fact, people are a whole lot happier if the sun's out. Let's keep our fingers crossed we will have the opportunity to have lunch outside on the deck, in the sun.

I'm looking forward to our chitchatting.

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