Monday, September 26, 2011

Important issues

Today I'm seeing my endocrinologist for my annual check-up. I no longer fear these appointments, since I'm doing better managing my diabetes. I had to go in last week to have my bloodwork done. I'm having mixed feelings about the outcome: that 6.5% is really good but how I got it is not the right way. There were numerous low blood glucose readings on my meter, just too many. That makes the average numbers lower but not exactly better. Low readings are good, as long as that low means within range. I don't have those low numbers by choice though. My need for insulin has dropped extremely in the last year. I needed about 135 units of insulin on a daily basis in 2010. It still startles me that nowadays, my penfills last a whole lot longer: my daily average insulin use has dropped to around 35 units. I keep altering my basal pattern of my pump and the low blood glucoses of the last month prove I can go on lowering my need of insulin. I'm still a type 1 diabetic and I will always run on insulin, but the less I need, the better for me.

The only exam that makes me nervous, is the kidney function exam. Can you remind me to drink more?
I barely drink 2 - 3 glasses a day and that's so not enough. I know my kidneys will fail one day, if I don't increase that volume, but it's just that I'm never thirsty! It doesn't cross my mind to fill a glass of water and quench my thirst. Sometimes my kidneys hurt. They let me know I need more fluid in my body. It would be smarter to act before I get the notice.

My endocrinologist is a fun guy. He's Dutch and I like to discuss diabetes with him. Since I have a wonderful diabetes nurse who helps me out 24/7, there's no much need for a doctor. It's more like a social visit. I'd like to keep it that way. It means I have good management over this chronic condition..


Upje said...

Kom een tijdje elke dag naast mij zitten. Naar 't schijnt sla je daarvan aan het drinken! Tijdens mijn studententijd had ik een vriendin die in het verleden al nierklachten had gehad, en dus veel moest drinken. Maar net als jij dacht ze er gewoon niet aan. Na enkele maanden mijn vriendin te zijn, merkte ze plots op dat ze helemaal in de routine zat van meer te drinken en deed ze dat zelfs thuis! ;)

Bittersweet said...

Het is 11u. Heb nog niets gedronken. Mijn koffie van vanmorgen staat koud op het aanrecht. Met een volledige tas melk daarbij en wat ijsblokken zal het een café frappé worden en dan lukt het misschien nog. Er zit alvast een half literflesje in mijn handtas en een flesje in de auto..