Friday, September 30, 2011

Nutella girl and peanut boy

She's a real hype, this beautiful young woman from Antwerp, who shares her life with this wealthy American man. "Den John" has become a statement in Flanders and he has stolen many hearts with his joy of life and the love for his wife. He makes more phonecalls a day than youngsters text messages, but still he is very available to spend time with his Astrid, his "darling". They have their own reality show, by the name of Astrid in Wonderland. There is nothing shocking to be seen, but it's amusing to watch.

Astrid has a soft spot for shoes or should I say: Louboutins? Her dress room is filled with shoes, extremely expensive purses, "amazing" clothes. She drives her own "chromed out pimped out pussy wagon" and that phrase made her world famous, in Flanders that is. We all know "how cool is that" and how "totally out of control" her life is. Nevertheless, she's not that extravagant. I believe she's still pretty normal compared to her American friends. It may be her being raised over here, that keeps her humble enough to withstand the total depravity of a rich woman's life. She's not that decadent that it would repulse you. It's just that she finds everything so "amazing" and that Snoopy has his own important role in the family, that makes her .. well .. something else.

"Den John" is so energetic - did you notice that drawer full of vitamins?? - and a very bubbly personality. One can tell he loves Astrid to pieces. They act like toddlers, playing with stuffed animals in bed, but I believe they have the time of their life. One can't be offended by this show, since it's so "normal" but at the same time "surreal". I mean, what's so newsbreaking about the fact that "Den John" likes his peanutbutter & jelly sandwich (not for breakfast, no thanks) while Darling Astrid indulges her jar of Nutella on toast? Exactly.. not shocking, but good entertainment. I wouldn't want to miss one episode.


Stijn said...

hare "chromed out pimped out pussy wagon" is ondertussen wel een "chromed out pimped out military machete truck" hé :)

Ik vind het eigenlijk ook wel leuke vrijdagavond tv. Het zit wel goed tussen Astrid en mr bowlingball head :-D

Bittersweet said...

nog een fan :-)

Jangeox said...

Ik had het dus nog nooit gezien, maar vandaag 10 minuutjes meegepikt. Dat ziet er inderdaad heel plezant uit. Haar Vlaams met like really veel coole Engelse woorden tussen :-)

Bittersweet said...

how cool is that?