Sunday, September 11, 2011

An oh-no moment

Even 10 years later, watching a documentary on 9/11 still shocks me. Nobody needs to hear more than the date 9/11 to know what we are talking about. It's devastating to relive those moments of terror, to see the footage and hear the panic in peoples voices. It's just so surreal to see that horror actual happen. So many people didn't even have a chance. They were surprised like rats in a trap. They didn't have the time to say goodbye to their beloved ones. There were no longer going to be merry Christmases or graduations to celebrate. America would never again be the same..

I haven't visited New York since. Every time we take a plane, you look out for suspicious subjects. You don't really know what to look out for, but still, you are a little anxious. Will this 9/11 be a scary day? Will something happen that will shock the world a second time? Let's hope not.

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