Friday, September 2, 2011

The rhythm of life

Life is coming back to normal. The whippets are laying side by side on the couch, their bodies wrapped in blankets for the cosy feeling it gives them. The radio is on and for now, that's the only sound in the house, besides my tapping on the notebook. I have a lunch meeting today with my friend aka sister-in-law and I'm looking forward to that. Haven't seen her since we got back from the States and I would like to thank her and her partner for taking care of our house during our absence.

Hubby has gone back to work after his 1 month vacation. I can remember how that feels like.. all of a sudden you have to focus on work again and hop onto that crazy rollercoaster. No time for a nice cup of coffee with a home made cookie, no time to sit outside in the sun or mow the lawn if you really want to feel like doing something. But then again, his job is very interesting and daring.

I have planned some housework for the upcoming week. Some chores have to be done and I prefer doing them when I'm all by myself. The whippets will spend some time by themselves in their outside kennel and enjoy the last sunbeams of this summer.

Let's pick out a summer outfit and put on those high heels. The car has been washed and cleaned and my favorite Glee CD will lighten up the ride. See you in a while!

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