Thursday, September 1, 2011

School's out for summer

Just 2 months ago, school was out for summer. There hasn't been much of a summer though. Temperatures were too low to enjoy the sunbeams. Not warm enough for outside BBQ or puddling in the pool. Only 2 short trips to the beach in Holland..

Nevertheless, the girls had a good time. They enjoyed their time away in summer camp. It was a good opportunity to have fun with their friends, away from home. Mom and dad had a good time too. Top of the bill was our vacation in Florida, where the sun welcomed us and warmed our hearts.

The new books have arrived and school supplies will have to be bought this weekend. Bus routes are being checked, luncheons prepared and closets need to be reorganized and cleaned up. Three members of the family will be in the same school now, since Eva is joining Lana in school and so is one of their cousins. Time just flies by and before we'll know it.. autumn leaves will wave across the pavements..

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