Tuesday, September 6, 2011


There are so many words to describe potatoes, but spuds? Are you serious? I overheard the Australian chef Bill Granger say it and I just knew I had to check that word out. I even started to like the sound of it: spuds.. Sounds a whole lot more interesting than the plain potatoes huh?

In fact, I like potatoes in all its shapes and forms and preparations. Boiled potatoes are my least favorite, but I do eat them every now and then. I hardly ever eat them warm. If I have boiled potatoes, I want them the next day, right out of the fridge. I sprinkle some vinegar over the spuds, season them with salt and pepper and some spring onion. That's how I like my boiled potatoes. There's no need to add mayo to this dish, it adds nothing but calories and it leaves you with this feeling of guilt. No good..

For some time in my diabetes career, I didn't eat potatoes. Because my bloodsugar wasn't very happy with potatoes. There were too many spikes and that's not something I wanted to encourage. It was not just the potatoes. My body wasn't very good at digesting bread and rice and pasta either. But I'm still a Dutch girl and I wouldn't be me if I wouldn't find a way to make my body digest those "spuds".

I try to stick to a certain amount of potatoes/bread/pasta when I have them. No more than 30 grams worth of carbs. And that works fine for me. I don't need any more. Did you know that only the first couple of bites give you the taste you craved? After that, you just fill your stomach. Since I found out, it no longer hurts my feelings to stop right there. There's more to life than potatoes!

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