Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Team leaders

Being part of a well functioning team is a privilege as much as a challenge. Working with both men and women may be confusing and exhausting, since each sex has a different way of communicating and working. Being a team leader is not an easy job and it needs a lot of people skills and insight. Some people will like the team leader, others won't. That's life. There are plenty of reasons why one will like/dislike the leader of the team. As long as all members keep respecting one another, it might work out well. There may be some disagreements every now and then and that's the moment when team leader and co-workers need to come together and discuss the issues. It's been proven a good way to solve problems. Things that need to be said, can be said and heard by all of the people involved. It's a good chance for all team members to open their hearts, mouths and ears.

Some issues are worth mentioning, others are just non-essential. It's up to the members to decide which problems are trivial or minor. Sometimes you interpret phrases in a different manner than they were spoken and that might give friction of some sort. Feeling unhappy and discontent is not going to solve anything. Negative feelings keep adding up until they become a pile that is doomed to tip over.

We all learn lessons in life. That's a good thing. It helps us to grow and to understand our fellow creatures.  It's not necessary to put issues in a negative daylight. They may be an opener to a better co-operation.

I hear you are a good team leader. People respect you for who you are and what you do. You try to be fair and not to side with anyone. They made the right decision to make you a team leader.

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