Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Now we're talking

I was supposed to meet three wonderful men yesterday. We had an appointment in the mall for a drink and a bite. It had been a while since I last saw our youngest date. I was real happy to see him and he looked fantastic! We share the same passion for cooking and he's so mature for his age, that it's a pleasure talking to him. What a fine young man! It shouldn't surprise you that we had dim sum for lunch and way too many latte macchiatos afterwards. A mutual friend would join us later, but somewhere down the line, he probably chickened out and sent his cat.. Too bad, because I'm pretty sure he would have loved the outing.
Somewhere in the afternoon, our other companion showed up. It was our first meeting and I had looked forward to that. He was in the hospital last August, and I had no chance to go visit him since we were having some fun in Florida. So we finally met and it was an interesting afternoon. The men I date are so versatile and different but then again so similar. They have mutual interests and hobbies and they all love to chitchat. It's a relieve to talk to men instead of women for a change. The conversations are different but as interesting;
Of course I don't really "date" these men.. I'm married remember? And they have partners too. Not to mention that they love men.. just the way I do or maybe just a little different.


Jangeox said...

Ik moet je gelijk geven. De jonge man is heel erg volwassen. En jij bent een super lady !

Bittersweet said...

En wij waren ook heel blij dat jij er bij was :-)

Upje said...

En wie was de jonge man? Ook een J?

Fijn dat jullie zo hebben genoten weer!


Bittersweet said...

Je bent helemaal juist :-)

Je bent terug!!!!! xxx