Friday, October 14, 2011

Like peas and carrots

We really get along well. Our numerous trips abroad can confirm that. These last three days weren't any different. Joy, laughter, fine dining, shopping, friendship and a wonderful musical. This time, we were guests in the musical Zorro. Who doesn't know Zorro? It's a series we liked to watch as kids. Zorro was handsome and adventurous and sexy. I assume we didn't see the sexiness at such a young age, but we knew he was goodlooking to say the least. In those days, I liked to go horseback riding. My riding was nothing compared to Zorro's skills on a horse, but we shared the same love for horses. The musical was full of Gipsy King songs, another favorite of my youth. I had several tapes (no cd's back then) and I liked the guitars and the southern feeling the music brought me.

Thank you for the organization, the company and the good time. Looking forward to next month's musical!

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