Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Little monkey

You cheeky little boy! I was so happy you came to play with us last Thursday. Where's the little baby gone?? You're one now and you have made so much progress. Crawling around the house, making funny  noises and "asking" questions.. well, that is: uh? uh? while you're pointing at almost everything. There's not one thing you're not interested in. Playing with wooden spoons and colanders, I observed you. We even made an instrument for you: an empty bottle of soda filled with dry rice did the trick. You couldn't stop shaking the bottle and danced to the rhythm. What a funny guy!

The girls were so glad you were still here when school was out. The grins on their faces were charming. And so was yours! You like to have people around you. Even the cat, sitting outside on the window sill, fascinated you. Shouting at him and banging against the window, you tried to pull his attention.

So young, so naive, so playful.. and most of all: so happy. It's pretty obvious your mommy and daddy love you a lot and do whatever they can to give you the best in life. So many cuddles, so many nice words result in a happy little boy. Life is beautiful..

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