Sunday, October 30, 2011

My lucky clover

I must have been 14 or maybe 15 at the time. He had gone to Switzerland and when he came back, he gave me a handpicked lucky clover and a little white flower by the romantic name "edelweiss". There was a message to go with the little treasures: he wanted to guard over me and make sure I would be happy for the rest of my life..

I kept the clover and the edelweiss in my wallet for many, many years. It made stains on my driver's license. Every now and then, I would open my driver's license and take a look at the little flowers. I'm a pretty sober person, but still, I didn't once consider to throw out those treasures, not even when my boyfriend and I broke up. I believed they would bring me luck and keep me safe.

Many years have passed since and along the line, I lost both the clover and the edelweiss. But I still remember what they looked like and how precious the gift was. It had not cost one penny, but the thought that someone had gone through the effort to pick these out for me, was priceless. He was a special young man and I had loved him deeply. It's a good memory. It's heart warming to look back..

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